In the same shopping center as AT&T, Provident Jewelers and Rosati's Sports Pub on South Tamiami Trail in Fort Myers, FL. East Side of US 41 next to BMW dealership.

Lindberg Precious

I-Topian Optical carries one of the largest selections of LINDBERG Precious in North America; we are proud to have worn and sold this product since 2001. The LINDBERG Precious frames are as classy and elegant as luxury glasses can be; they even offer solid gold nose pads to match your frame. The back of the nose pads can even have diamonds added to ensure the right amount of distinction and luxury for any of our most discriminating clients. The collection starts at $3,500.00 and can go up to $25,000+; it all depends on how much gold or diamonds you design into your custom piece. We routinely special order pieces to fit our clients unique facial features and ensure it fits like the other custom jewelery they wear. No one does more custom luxury eyewear than I-Topian Optical.

Nalunaq Gold Mine

The Gold used in the LINDBERG Gold collection also has its own unique story. It begins in the Arctic north, in Greenland, where the raw ore is mined in the NALUNAQ Gold mine, one of the world’s smallest mines. The ore is then shipped to Spain where it is refined to make the purest gold (24 carat). The process is complete in Germany, where the gold ingots from Spain are melted, alloyed and pulled or rolled into gold wire or gold plate. LINDBERG has the exclusive world rights to use this Greenlandic gold as wire and plate for the manufacturing spectacle frames.

Gold + Platinum

The Lindberg Precious frames are handcrafted in 18-carat (750) solid yellow gold, white gold, red gold and Precious Black as well as platinum (950). The exceptional Precious Black is 18-carat solid white gold with a black carbon nano coating to create a magnificent brilliant black look. A special hardening process developed by LINDBERG allows very fine 18-carat gold wire and gold plate to be used as well as platinum. This give LINDBERG’s precious frames the correct degree of flexibility without compromising on resilience or strength.


LINDBERG uses only the highest quality of Top Wesselton WS diamonds known for their beautiful clarity and color. The positioning of the diamonds is based on aesthetic as well as design considerations and takes into account the possibilities offered by the sizes and thickness of the temple design. In addition to the options available, it is normally possible to tailor the look to individual wishes and desires.