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Frequently asked questions

How much extra does it cost for the i-topian optics lenses?

The cost is comparable or lower than any quality lens available; the technology is a great value and the benefits are tremendous.

What is so important about polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses filter out 99% of annoying glare and all harmful uv; they are guaranteed to be the most comfortable sun lenses available. They normally are available in 3 colors; gray, brown and melanin.

Will prescriptions fit in small fashionable frames?

I-topian optics lenses are custom made to fit most frames; we will ensure there is plenty of room for your reading area.

Do prescriptions come in “frameless glasses”?

We specialize in putting anyone in a pair of lightweight, custom made frameless eyewear. Over 70% of our customers enjoy these benefits.

Can sunglasses that “wrap” be made in my prescription?

Yes, we can put almost any prescription in a pair of sunglasses.

If i currently wear lined bi-focals, would be difficult to wear the new lenses?

It is actually the opposite that occurs, we sent a survey to patients who had previously worn lined-bi-focals, and after wearing the i-topian optics lenses for at least 90 days; 100% would recommend the lens to a friend. The lens provides the brightest, clearest, sharpest and most natural vision possible.

I love my current frames, can you put i-topian optics lenses into them?

i-topian lenses can be put in any frame and you can keep the frame until the lenses are available. If you are unable to leave your frames with us, once your lenses arrive we will set up a time for you to bring your frames in to have the new lenses cut and mounted.

Are i-topian lenses available in transitions?

Yes, and are available in the new 7th generation technology. They get dark, then lighten up twice as fast as the previous models. They are perfect for every day wear and are a true comfort lens.