In the same shopping center as AT&T, Provident Jewelers and Rosati's Sports Pub on South Tamiami Trail in Fort Myers, FL. East Side of US 41 next to BMW dealership.

Real People Real Eyewear

“Real People, Real Eyewear” is not just a slogan for us;

it’s a fundamental part of our identity at I-topian Optical. We take pride in our diverse and beautiful clientele and how fantastic they look in the eyeglasses and sunglasses we provide. When we embarked on the journey of creating our first website years ago, we faced a unique challenge – finding images that resonated with the people of Southwest Florida.

In response to this challenge, we initiated the I-topian Optical photo shoot, where we extend an invitation to our clients to showcase their eyewear for a professional photoshoot. Over time, this simple concept has evolved into a much-anticipated event. We now offer the expertise of hair and makeup stylists, professional photographers, and even invite eyewear representatives to showcase their collections.

To make the event even more special, we ensure that our clients are treated to an elevated experience, complete with catered food, champagne, and wine. It’s a celebration of our cherished clients and their unique styles, all captured for the world to see on the World Wide Web.

We are tremendously grateful for the loyalty of our clients who not only enjoy participating in this event but also appreciate seeing their images showcased online. It’s a testament to the sense of community and shared passion for eyewear that we’ve built together.

Take some time and check out our real clients wearing real eyewear…you may see someone you know.