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Designed To Distinguish

The ultimate luxury eyewear collection, handmade of rare and precious materials, that reflects the legendary image of the brand, symbol of success and achievement.

For decades Maybach has symbolized the most exacting demands on quality, luxury and individuality. Arising from their background of automotive excellence, the name and standards are today carried on in high-end Eyewear, Leather Goods and Saddlery by Maybach.

Its characteristics are intricately worked with exquisite materials and outstanding design.

Maybach Eyewear represents the peak of optical luxury – tempting the senses of eyewear connoisseurs all over the world. Every single frame is painstakingly handmade of rare and precious materials such as natural buffalo horn, fine woods, carbon fiber, leather, titanium, 18 karat gold and diamonds, using the best of German handcrafting techniques.

Dedicated To Perfection

Handmade in Germany

The dexterous hands and experienced eyes of the MAYBACH Eyewear craftspeople create an individual masterpiece in each frame, delicately balancing traditional and modern production techniques. In addition to the charisma of unique materials, it is the multitude of handcrafting skills passed down through generations of crafts people and their passion for perfection that create the individual charm of every single frame.

Each individual handcrafted model from MAYBACH Eyewear is made in their own atelier in Germany. Only exclusive materials from the best sources are considered, carefully selected and painstakingly worked into irresistible one-of-a-kind pieces.

Exclusive Materials

Our sun and optical glasses are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards.

Utilizing only the finest woods, genuine buffalo horn, pure titanium, precious stones, premium lenses… Because the choice of materials is an essential link in the intricate chain when creating an exceptional product, MAYBACH Eyewear meticulously selects the materials for its eyewear. Each element of the frame, temple or inlay is made of a material that has been carefully chosen and constantly re-evaluated to guarantee its performance and its impeccable aesthetics.

Maybach frameless eyeglasses

Finest Woods

Natural Grace

Seven ultra-fine veneers are bonded into a single piece, which is unique in its colours and qualities. Only the finest and most elegant woods are hand selected, in some designs combined with carbon fibres or painstakingly crafted mother-of pearl inlays, finally glowing under 8 coats of piano varnish.

Authentic Harmony

Genuine Buffalo Horn

Obtained in harmony with nature and meticulously worked by hand, horn from the Asian domestic water buffalo offers the wearer warm, skin-friendly comfort. The typical material structures and colours are unmistakable.

Pure Titanium

Fit For Extremes

Titanium is as strong as steel and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It is valued for its lightweight, durable, hypo-allergenic and non-corrosive properties. MAYBACH Eyewear uses pure titanium with an exclusive precious metal plating of 24 karat gold, platinum or ruthenium.

Divine Gold

The Source of the Shine

MAYBACH Eyewear exclusively uses solid 18 ct. (750‰) gold in yellow, white and rose variations – regal alloys composed from pure gold, combined with the perfect mixture of elements such as silver or copper. The pinnacle of luxury.

Limited Gold Edition

A Radiant Vision

Embodying the luxury of 18 karat solid white, yellow or rose gold and diamonds, the frames from the exclusive Limited Gold Editions are jewelry for the eyes. These most sophisticated designs are strictly limited to 50 pieces per variation for sunglasses and to 100 pieces per variation for optical frames. Join us in the upper echelons of luxury