In the same shopping center as AT&T, Provident Jewelers and Rosati's Sports Pub on South Tamiami Trail in Fort Myers, FL. East Side of US 41 next to BMW dealership.

Sanibel Island FL

Sanibel – Captiva Island eyewear & eye exams | i-Topian Optical Fort Myers

I-Topian Optical guarantees to install your prescription with flawless accuracy into the most comfortable and complimentary frame for your needs. Our store is conveniently located 20 minutes from Sanibel Island, FL.

Like fingerprints, no two eyes are alike. Even so, many people in the world have the exact same prescription. Everyone’s eyes are different, in fact each eye in the same person are very different. Only customized lenses are made to your unique prescription and compensate for the unique variations of your eyes which impact the quality of your vision.

If you love being on the water around Sanibel or Captiva, make sure to check out our great polarized lenses for superior performance!

So you think you can fish?

Expert fisherman and old man of the sea;‘s own Joe Plaza along with Craig Chasnov went on a hunt for a school of Redfish off Sanibel Island, Fl. on Dynamic Fishing Charter. The ride along Sanibel in the morning was gorgeous as we where able to hug the shore with Captain Ryan’s sponsored Flats boat.

We got to the honey hole and in minutes where landing 30inch+ Redfish. Joe tested Transitions Vantage polarized lenses while Craig tested the Maui Jim Rose and Grey lenses to help gain an advantage on the fish. Captain Ryan was wearing a pair of Maui Jim HCL lenses and also enjoys the Rose polarization on brighter days on the water; either are the best fishing glasses possible.

The rains where on the horizon so we headed back after catching 15 beautiful fish that where all too large to eat.

Thanks to Sanibel Island and for allowing us to enjoy such an amazing morning wearing the best polarized sunglasses to give us every advantage.